The Choreography Journal

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Record up to 10 of your master routines for competitions, shows and more.

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A Journal for the Whole Dance Journey

Just like a dancer has to be flexible yet firm, this 150-page journal is flexible enough to fit nearly anyone’s note-taking style, but structured enough to keep notes organized and easily referenced at a later date.

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Record up to 10 of your master routines for competitions, shows and more in their own space. The design elements of this journal were inspired by dancers like you, including the dance floor diagram for people who prefer to sketch or draw, the free space for character and story development, and the specific line formatting on the lined pages that allows you to write out timing of your routines with basic or in-depth detail. However you prefer to notate your dances, this journal provides the flexible structure and space for it.

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    Interesting, creative and unique approach to developing, fine-tuning, describing, and tracking progress as one envisions various aspects of dance that, for most, is solely a visual endeavor. But not everyone is a visual learner, and the author addresses different modes of journaling choreography including putting movement, timing, and character development into words. At the same time, there is ample room for visual learners who would gain from sketching and drawing choreographic movements on a dance floor diagram. Different formats provide different ways to journal, so you can see what works best for you. But as the author recommends, it would be best to do this in pencil versus pen! Overall, this is very cool resource!!

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